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Richard Lamb Clinic

Brittany and Cheerio
Richard discusses Kristyn and Cash’s canter.
An evening jumping lesson.
Kristyn wakes Cash from a nap in the sun.
Richard introduces Sam and Cheerio to the cross rails.
Cheerio isn’t so sure this is a good idea.
Sam and Cheerio.
Gunner helps Lily post a few images to Instagram.
Eli and Caspian.

First Show of The Season

We are gearing up for the first show of the season! It will be a low key show at First Choice. We will be taking the following horses: Joy, Blue, Bear, Rosie. Please send me an e-mail letting me know the classes your child would like to do and who they would like to ride. I am attaching the class list and the entry form. I will be finalizing the classes and the horses to be ridden by each student in these classes on Friday evening. The plan will be to leave the barn at 7am and as all horse shows we can not determine a time to return to the barn as it will typically be a “most of the day” horse outing.

Looking forward to a fun and educational summer of showing!

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More Modes of Transport

I’m not exactly sure how these came about. I remember the original idea was for the kids (8, 8 and 10) to pool their $$ and buy a small ATV, because I don’t allow anyone under 12 to drive the big one. Then there was some research into the price of that, then a discussion of how much they would argue over who got to drive it. Their older brother got involved. I consulted a friend with a somewhat different kind of country house than ours, (pizza ovens and lakes, not
Horses and ponds) and he suggested these things. We might have been drinking just a little….

Anyway, the upshot was that the three younger kids gave me all of their savings, and their brother part of his, in exchange for a cheap youth atv (still to come) and … These:


It seemed like a good idea at the time.