Because we need more animals!

Fifteen horses isn’t nearly enough to keep the crew here busy. Wyatt has been begging for chickens for years, with Rory joining in (her plan for some time was just to keep one in her bed). This, I said this spring, would be the year.

But then I kinda put that off, the way you do, when your barn manager heads off on a much deserved vacation the same week your barn partner takes her family off on theirs, leaving just you and your at the time just 11 horses to enjoy each other’s company for what was at least an Uneventful week (well, one event, in the form of a fun show at Heidi’s barn). June rolled into July and there were no chickens, and July looked to be rolling into August, and one or two kids here and there were beginning to complain. Loudly. Scrap wood was collected. Chicken house plans were made.
And then Jess said we could have her chickens. And the house she built. This probably should make me suspicious, as if the chickens were as much fun as she says they are (“like having little dinosaurs from Jurassic Park walking around your yard”) why would she want to give them up?

She says she wanted to make a Wyatt happy. Wyatt is cute. I’d tell him to go ask her for a pony but hell, we already have too many ponies. Maybe he could ask her for a nice grilled steak tomorrow…

In any case, the chickens are HERE. The one thing I guarantee is that they are not lonely. Meet Goldy, Brownie, Stripey, Diller and Kevin.




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