Rescue Horses Have Arrived!

Freddie and Palomino NameTK are settling in. They arrived last night at about 11, and came off the trailer quite friendly and calm–we’ve had horses that came from much fancier origins be crazier by a long shot! They’re exploring their round bale at this point and that’s what they need. Poor Palomino needs a solid 200 pounds. And if you’re wondering why they’re wearing such rags–we’ll throw these blankets away when they’re done, so we popped on two that were destined for the bin anyway. They’ll get new blankets soon!

One fun update–we got a call from Freddie’s former owner. She’d sold him 8 years ago, and was surprised and upset to find out from friends that he’d been sent to the auction house. If he doesn’t work out here, he has a permanent home with her, and now we’ve got a great history on him. That’s very good news!

We’ve had some questions about how this works–what’s our hope for Freddie and TK, and how do we chose them from among the many, many horses at the auction/on the auction Facebook page? The fact that Freddie had a story sure caught our attention. We look at their confirmation, and there’s a short video of someone riding that gives us a little information about who they are under saddle.

We’re always looking for a great horse who will fit in here, but if that doesn’t work out, we want to bring in horses who can find a happy ending. We’ve had auction rescues go to other homes or barns, competition riders or to therapy programs. And one is a much-loved, if somewhat grumpy, part of our lesson program.

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