Snow Days and Lead Ropes

Here’s what it looks like here:

it’s only about 18 inches of snow, but it’s enough.One thing we’ve been talking about a lot here lately is leading the horses. A bunch of us are Warwick Schiller fans, and he likes his horses to follow him. We love how he leads them– but this snowy season has us really thinking about why we lead our horses at the shoulder. For one thing, done right, you can give your horse cues that are similar to those you give on his back–you’re in about the same place. You can touch him like you would with your leg. Then there’s this:That’s about to fall off the roof.It’s actually pretty small compared to the ones that came off earlier–and it’s right above the plowed path for our horses. So when you’re leading them, it could come down–foom!–right on their butt. They’re good horses, but that’s going to make them jump forward, and if an 18 hand horse is jumping forward, that’s not where I want to be!

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