Some of us are working here.

Winter stable work tends toward the bare minimum: We do what we have to do to keep going and no more. With summer comes maintenance. Pure solid excitement in the form of drainage work and the like–you know, the kind of stuff people are thrilled to talk about at parties.

Kristyn and the girls particularly enjoy mucking the paddocks. We’re thinking of marketing this as a workout–Pooparobics, topped only by our popular “HayMaster.”


Of course, this is what they were doing when I took the first picture:


But the paddock got cleared, so clearly there was a lot of shovelling in between rest periods. Interval workout.

In the other paddocks, however, minimal effort was being exerted.



My job was to haul the water up to the upper paddock.



alt=”20140719-072959-26999353.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />
Like our fancy matching water haulers?

One bucket: two buckets….

Time for a break.


Three buckets. Time to get back to my real job.

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