Hitching Post Show, Part One

We were already victorious today: Moss got on the trailer. I missed the first half hour or so (my job: packing breakfast and lunch) but arrived in time for oh, the last hour. Forgot to take pictures…I was too busy shaking buckets of grain, pulling a second rope, uselessly wielding a pitchfork and, eventually, bleeding. Kristyn and Greg did the real work. Mostly what I did was stand around exuding calm energy. I’m very good at that, since if he won’t get on the trailer there is a good chance I can go back to bed. Win-win as I see it.

Next up, speed tacking. We got to the show about 15 minutes before the girls were scheduled to ride. 20140719-090834-32914659.jpg



They managed their dressage tests without disaster–although Lillypony did think, at one point, that she was quite done with this, thanks.



One last thought: there’s nothing like a fresh Porta Potty early in the morning.

My job now? Hanging out at the trailer, re-tying Moss’s slip knot every time something disturbing happens. Hope my fingers won’t be too tired for Part Two.


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